Friday, April 22, 2011

Breath of Fresh Spring Air!

Time is so very fast these days! The planet seems especially grateful for spring this year, and spring seems especially fertile and beautiful. It has been hard to reconcile World tragedies of epic proportions with the beauty of spring. I keep those who are suffering in my thoughts and look for ways to be of service. After I juried the Virginia Intermont Fine Arts Exhibition and the Mountain Empire Community College Exhibition I turned my attentions to my own Virginia Highlands Student Exhibition at William King Museum. We had about 60 to 75 guests! I must confess, I am thinking of summer even as the daffodils fade, and the large task I have set for myself in my solo museum show. I am excited and anxious to be able to devote my full attentions to production! I dearly love my students, and they require significant attention in their own right, so I postpone huge new projects a few more weeks, working on sketches and models and plans. Today I will deliver a painting! Yippee! The economy moves! And I already have large rocks picked out to edge a new fire pit out back. What joy to be past the deep freeze!