Wednesday, September 29, 2010


My Solo Exhibition "Sanctuaries VI" at Kingsport's Renaissance Center Gallery runs from September 26th -October 21st, 2010, and features eight very large paintings that average five feet by eight feet! Six have never been seen before.


I am the newest Resident Studio Artist at William King Museum in Abingdon, Va! Just in time for my upcoming exhibition.


"The Harvest Table" Restaurant in Meadowview, Va (Award winning author Barbra Kingsolver's family Restaurant) hosts my latest solo exhibition!


Late Garden

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Late Spring

Works in three exhibitions right now-Morgan Contemporary Gallery 4th Invitational Teapots show in Pennsylvania has my cocklebur "Tea Time for Darfur", Knoxville TN Airport has "Mountain City Stained Glass", a painting on canvas in a show juried by Steven Wicks of The Knoxville Museum of Art, and there is one of my big paintings at the Arts and Culture Emporium at 100 S. Gay Street in Knoxville TN.
Many of my works are on display at the new 606 State Street Gallery in downtown Bristol, TN.
Next week I give final portfolio reviews for my college art classes, then it's sweet sweet summertime! I have 10 years worth of ideas to create, easily 10 years worth!

Friday, March 12, 2010

606 State Street Gallery

There is a new art gallery in Bristol TN / VA!
"606 State Street Gallery" will open in March 2010. A Co-op artist's gallery, the downtown location on the Tennessee side, nestled between the many famous antique stores and beside a pottery, the beautifully refinished vintage space is dazzling.
look for my paintings and sculptures in the windows and in the far back left corner.
You'll see them!

"22 Women" Exhibition at Blue Wind Mill Gallery

Friday March 12th 2010 is the opening of "22 Women", the first artist exhibition of the season for Blue Wind Mill Gallery in Abingdon, VA. My latest Painting "Waiting for the Cure" incorporates a real tobacco leaf and a shed snake skin into the mixed media painting on linen. It is a different direction for me, in that it works with the ideas and concepts of barn. slats of light, barn architectural shapes, the feeling of being inside an old Appalachian barn rather than a more realistic representation.

Lecture at Ringling College of Art and Design

I was invited back to my Alma Mater to lecture to the senior students at Ringling College of Art and Design. It is quite gratifying to be welcomed "home", have time to discuss art and politics and the politics of art with former professors over an Italian meal, visit old artists friends both from school and from outside of school, and talk serious shop with the new crop of artists.
We drove like crazy barely outrunning the grasp of a major snow storm, heading south. Stopped in Atlanta to see theLeonardo DiVinci show, it was amazing and pertinent, before heading to Sarasota. After a memoralble time there, we scooted over to Savannah for Valentine's Day. What a lovely city that is!

"Real(ists)" Exhibition, Sarasota FL

The "Real(ists)" Exhibition curated by Kevin Dean of The Selby Gallery at Ringling College of Art and Design was an excellent concept with international top notch talent displayed to illustrate the many ways in which contemporary artists are using inspiration from the real world to create art.
"Tea Time for Darfur" was included in the show, my cocklebur / burdock jumbo sized tea set that raises political and moral questions about the ongoing tragedy in Darfur.
Dean writes in the beautiful 40 page full color catalogue about my work;
Unpleasant and Shifting Realities
Equally disturbing is Val Lyle's tea service made from cockleburs. The title refers to a real nightmare. Lyle called it Tea Time for Darfur (from the Sticky Subjects Series.) the sticky subject here is the death from starvation, disease and war of an estimated 300,000 people in the former British Colony, and our inability to stop it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Sanctuary V" at Virginia Intermont College

From January to March 10th, 2010 the fifth incarnation of the art exhibition "Sanctuary", my solo immersion / installation complete with tobacco, red clover hay and bailing twine is installed at Virginia Intermont College in Bristol, VA.
In each exhibit new works are added and older works swapped out.
For this show a new 7.5 foot x 5 foot work is shown for the first time.
Gallery talk on Feb. 5th at 5:30 pm was well received.
Thanks to all the brave souls who faced wintry weather to come out for the talk!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The new year is picking up speed already!
Raw Linen is my latest break through in painting. This one is four feet x five feet, and I have several more bigger ones in the works!

"Tea Time for Darfur," my cocklebur/burdock tea set is in a big exhibition Jan-Feb in Sarasota FL at The Selby Gallery curated by Kevin Dean called "Realists." There is a catalogue with images and thoughts on each piece by the curator.

I installed a solo show yesterday at Virginia Intermont College in Bristol, VA running through March 15th with a gallery talk by Moi on Feb 5th at 5pm.
"May all the Best be Yet to Come!"